History, Mission, and Values

The Lodi Community Foundation (LCF) has been established to help accomplish the philanthropic goals of our community effectively, efficiently and in a sustainable manner. This is a joint endeavor and we need you to make LCF and our community a true success.

The mission of the Lodi Community Foundation is to advocate and facilitate charitable giving to create lasting legacies that build a stronger Lodi community.

  • Effectiveness:
    Created by local people for local causes; meets diverse needs in the community; and utilizes specialists in personalized charitable giving.

  • Efficiency:
    Ensures charitable gift go where donors want; distributes grants where they are most needed; and pools assets together in multipurpose funds.

  • Sustainability:
    Builds a community endowment; helps donors express their long-term interest in the community; and is an established institution that endures into perpetuity.

Lodi Community Foundation is a non-profit organization. By contributing to the LCF General Fund you support the most pressing current and future needs of the Lodi community such as those listed below that received contributions in 2008. If you would like to make a donation you can sent it to Lodi Community Foundation, P.O. Box 2287, Lodi, Ca 95241.