Getting Started: 5 Easy Questions

Opening a fund is easier than you might think, considering that the impact of your generosity may last for generations to come. To get started, there are a few things to think about to make your fund a true reflection of your individuality. You will also want to consult your professional advisor. The answers to the following questions will help us to create a personalized fund that accurately reflects your charitable intentions.

1. What are you passionate about?

  • How do you want to change your community through giving?
  • What are your unique interests?
  • How will the world be different because of your commitment?

2. Want immediate impact or enduring impact?

You can decide whether you want to create an Expendable Fund to help community organizations today, or build a permanent Endowment to support their needs, today, tomorrow and forever.

3. Which type of fund meets your goals?

You may want the flexibility offered by a Donor Advised Fund, or you many prefer to direct your giving only to certain charities through a Designated Fund. You can also choose to impact a certain cause, while asking us to help identify the organizations doing the most effective work in that field through a Field of Interest Fund. Finally, you may be interested in supporting deserving students through a Scholarship Fund.

4. What will you give, and when?

You will want to decide if you are giving current assets, or you want to give after you are gone through your estate plan – or both.


  • Cash Gifts: Donors can give by check, money order or cash
  • Other Assets: Gifts of non-cash assets may allow you to make a substantial contribution while receiving valuable tax advantages. Generally, you may deduct the fair market value of the gift and the capital gain from the donated asset will pass tax free to your fund at the Foundation. While we readily accepts publicly traded securities, other gifts, such as closely held stock, IRA assets, partnership interests and some tangible personal property, may also be accepted based on review by our board.


When you include a gift to your fund at the Foundation in your estate plan, you make a charitable gift, enjoy tax benefits, and preserve economic security for yourself and your family. We can work with you and your professional advisor to find a charitable estate vehicle that works for you. Some future gifts may allow you to receive an income during your lifetime and benefit your favorite causes after you are gone.

Please click here for more information on planned giving

5. What will you name your fund?

A fund may be named for you, a family member, after a cause, or in memory of someone special in your life. If you prefer to be anonymous, you may choose a name that has a special meaning for you. Every grant from the fund will carry your fund’s designated name.

Next Steps

Whether you give now or in the future, we can help you to fill out a fund agreement and arrange to transfer assets to support your vision. There is no start-up fee and no waiting period. The Foundation’s work on behalf of donors is partially supported by minimal annual fees based on fund type and balance. Those fees also support our work in advancing the quality of life in this community, while you simultaneously support the causes you care about – doubling the impact of giving through the Foundation.