Acceptable Gifts

With your help, your clients can decide if they want to give current assets to open or grow their fund at the Foundation, give in the future through their estate plan - or both.

Giving Now

  • Cash Gifts: Donors can give by check, money order or cash
  • Non-cash Gifts: Gifts of appreciated assets may allow clients to make a substantial contribution while receiving valuable tax advantages. Generally, a donor may deduct the fair market value of the gift and the capital gain from the donated asset passes tax free to their fund at the Foundation. While we readlily accept publicly traded securities, other gifts, such as real estate, closely held stock, IRA assets, partnership interests and some tangible personal property, may also be accepted based on review by our board.

Giving Later

  • When clients include a gift to their fund at the Foundation in their estate plans, they make a charitable gift, enjoy tax benefits, and preserve economic security for themselves and their families. We can work with you to help your clientfind a charitable estate vehicle that meets his or her unique situation.

Please click here for more information on planned giving options