You don’t need to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist. A charitable fund can be opened with a minimum of $5,000. Tax-deductible gifts of any size can be made to an existing fund, including Lodi Community Foundations own funds.


You can decide whether you want to create an expendable fund to help charities today or build a permanent endowment to support their needs today, tomorrow, and forever. Either way we're here to support you with the process.


Lodi Community Foundation is a volunteer board committed to the Lodi Community. We are an affiliate of Sacramento Region Community Foundation that provides us professional investment management and responsive office support. This means real people answering the phone to discuss your needs.


Philanthropy Summit

2016 Keynote Speaker To Be Announced!

SAVE THE DATE Thursday, November 10 All Day Conference
Hutchins Street Square
Lodi, CA